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MDCPS Admissions

All children who have attained the age of six (6) years or who will have attained the age of six (6) years by February 1st of any school year, or who are older than six (6) years of age but have not attained the age of sixteen (16) years, except as otherwise provided in Florida law, are required to attend school regularly during the entire school term. All children enrolling in a District school shall meet the immunization requirements in F.S.1003.22, and provide evidence of a physical examination.

School Board Policy 5112 - Entrance Requirements establishes the admission and registration requirements for students entering school. The following documents and forms are to be provided upon initial registration:

Documents needed at time of Registration

Forms needed at time of Registration

Students transferring from out of state, other districts in Florida, or who are foreign born, must adhere to the same admission and entrance requirements for registration.

All students are assigned to attend the school in the district where their parents/legal guardians reside, unless the child has received an assignment to another school through a Parent Choice Student Transfer, or through Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ School Choice & Parental Options. To find your neighborhood’s area schools, you may access www.dadeschools.net, select Schools, Find your Neighborhood School. The Initial Entry Registration Procedures Handbook and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) have been linked for your convenience.


An informational bulletin prepared by the Florida Early Learning Coalition that addresses legislative changes for the 2016-2017 Florida Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) enrollment is linked for your review.



Admissions, Registration and Requirements


It is important for students to be aware of the importance of good personal appearance. School is a place of work. Clothing should be clean and neat and fit appropriately. Clothing should be appropriate for the weather or indoor temperature. Shoes should fit properly and be of a style that will enable students to participate safely in all school activities. Open toe shoes and shoes without back straps are not acceptable. Parents may be called to bring proper clothing or shoes to school if the dress code is not in compliance. William Lehman Elementary has a MANDATORY UNIFORM POLICY.

All removable articles of clothing (sweaters, jackets, etc.) should have the student's name written inside them. Lost and misplaced clothing is collected and available to be reclaimed in the office.

The Miami-Dade County Public School Policy dress code for elementary schools is as follows:

  • No metal football cleats on shoes

  • No clogs, thongs, sandals or other shoes without back straps. No open toe shoes.

  • No written messages, symbols or other pictures on clothing which portray ideas that are contrary to the best interest of the health, safety and welfare of students (i.e., messages that are profane or that promote the use of tobacco, drugs or alcohol)

  • Shorts must be long enough to cover the buttocks.

  • No clothes with metal studs that could scratch furniture

  • No tube tops, see-through blouses, backless tops, tops that do not cover the midriff, or sleeveless shirts; and

  • No hats, except those worn for religious purposes.



The schools are established for the benefit of all students. The educational purposes of the schools are accomplished best in a climate of student behavior that is socially acceptable and conducive to the learning and teaching process. Student behavior that disrupts this process or that infringes upon the rights of other individuals will not be tolerated. The School Board of Miami-Dade County, Florida, endorses a zero tolerance policy toward school related violent crime. The Board reaffirms its support of the administrative staff and teachers in taking all necessary steps to enforce and implement all Board policies pertaining to the maintenance of appropriate student behavior. Important among these rules are those in the areas of conduct, corporal punishment, suspensions, expulsions, and climate for learning. 

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