2018-2019 Apex Fun

How to Pledge

November 15, 2018

Apex Strong Parent Pep-Rally

Here's a guide of the prizes we can earn based on the pledges we get. 

Apex Fun Run Day 1

November 14, 2017

The kids had a blast this morning meeting the Apex team! They'll be bringing home their packet that includes their Access Code to log pledges online. Be sure to check out the Apex Fun Run app that you can also use to log pledges and watch awesome Leadership videos with your students! Be on the lookout for emails coming from your teachers also! Tomorrow is our first daily Leadership lesson so be sure to ask your student about it when they get home! The link below is a 2-minute video that explains the different ways your student can get a pledge. #buildingleaders

Apex Strong Message - Strong

 S for Selfless

Apex Strong Message - Trustworthy

T is for Trustworthy

Apex Strong Message - Refuel

R is for Refuel 

Apex Strong Message - Overcome

O is for Overcome

Apex Srong Message - Next Level

N is for Next Level

Apex Srong Message - Grateful

G is for Grateful

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Challenge Winners & More

Ms. Yngerto's Class is the first Class Challenge winners! They're getting a slime party on Thursday. Pictures to come. 

Mrs. Mancini's Class enjoying their pie face party! Mojo is taking one for the team and this team really earned their challenge with a $25/Lap gain, they are sitting in first place.  . 

Mr. Puett's Class wins a challenge and here they are enjoying ice cream. 

Mr. Puett.jpg

Dr. Martinez also won the Apex Challenge and they were also treated to an ice cream party. Two really good classes in one day. Thank you everyone.  

Dr. Martinez.jpg

Mr. Alam's Class wins a challenge and here they are enjoying their class dance party for most donations in a day. 


Mr. Bayon's Class is the next challenge winners for the class with the most shares. They all got a gift from Apex for their hard work. 

IMG_8044 2.JPG