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Drama Factory FAQ

Q. When does practice start? 

A. Practice begins in January. 

Q. What does the schedule look like for practices? 

A. The schedule will be distributed in two week spans.  They are subject to change every two weeks.  The schedule will be posted on the Drama Factory Site, and sent via REMIND as well as updated in Google Calendars for your convenience.  

The schedule will be broken up by parts and characters.  Pay close attention to those details.  

Q. What happens if we miss more than two practices? 

A. You can not miss more than two practices.  Remember this is part of one big picture where everyone is practicing together. There's a lot to cover in a short period of time.  Practices are mandatory and the Drama Sponsors reserve the right to dismiss a student if they are not present at practice.  Always check in with your Sponsor. 

Q. How can I help as a volunteer? 

A. We can use some help with the practices that involve large number of students.  We always need parents to ensure that the children that need a bathroom break get back into the practice area. 

We need volunteers to help with assembling props, painting and anything else that the show may require.  These specifics will be shared via the Remind App.  If you can assist, kindly reply to the message with your contribution.  

Q. How many performances will there be? 

A. There will be 6 to 7 performances in three consecutive days.  Our children perform for the entire school during school hours and one evening show for three consecutive nights.  

Q. What will the day of the show schedule look like? 

A. The day of the show the children are to arrive in the media center at 7 am.  They will begin the make-up and all the details for the first show in the morning.  They will go back to class after their first show.  Make sure they bring an extra set of clothes to change into for their regular scheduled classes.  

They will be asked to return at a set time most likely an hour before the show, but that is subject to change to perform in the evening show. That show will start at 7 pm.

This schedule will repeat itself for three consecutive days.  

Q. Will the children need snacks and drinks? 

A. Yes, they get hungry and thirsty.  We have a lot of parents that donate snacks, but we strongly suggest you pack something for them to enjoy just in case.  They've always got access to water from our water fountains.  


Q. Will they enjoy themselves? 

A. They enjoy themselves.  They love it so much they come back to try out year after year, after their first show.  There's a camaraderie between them.  The older children take care of the younger ones and so on. They are part of a family. 

Q. Are they ready for the big screen after this? 

A. That's still to be determined, but we can tell you that they feel so good about their performance that each and every one of them will think they are.  Make sure to treat them extra special at the end.  They deserve it.  We recognize it and that's why they get treated to a party at the end with food and sweets to enjoy. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to text Drama Factory Chair through the Remind App or feel free to email us at  We'll answer your questions and post it to make sure all parents are informed.  

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