RESPECT - September 2017

Values Matter for the month: RESPECT. Students will show regard for the worth and dignity of all people being courteous and polite, and judging all people on their merits. Respect takes three major forms: respect for oneself, respect for other people, and respect for other living things and the environment.

We also focused on Sandy Hook Promise is something we are committed to honoring at William Lehman Elementary. We're starting with Hello! This month we are focusing and reaffirming the importance of greeting someone new. Our teachers and staff are all wearing name tags.This month we'll focus on introducing ourselves to someone new to raise awareness and educate students to be more connected and inclusive in our  community. #MiamiStartsWithHello


Responsibility means being accountable for your actions and making good decisions. Each one of us is responsible for what we do and what we say in our school building. Acting with responsibility in our school should include keeping your promises, taking care of your belongings, making good decisions, and being someone who is dependable. We expect every student take responsibility for his own actions and stay committed to acting responsibly. As you go through your day, remember to act responsibly. What will you do to show that you are a responsible insert school name student? I challenge you to get caught being responsible. Have a great day and remember to act responsibly.

Recommended Reading: 

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade:

Berenstain, Jan. Berenstain  Bears and the Messy Room

Christelow, Eileen.  Five Little Monkeys with Nothing to Do

Clark, Emma It Was You, Blue Kangaroo!

Henkes, Kevin Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse

Henkes, Kevin. Weekend with Wendell

Poole, Amy Lowry The Ant and the Grasshopper

Isobel Finn & Jack Tickle.  The Very Lazy Ladybug

Lester, Helen.   It Wasn‟t My Fault

3rd Grade through 5th Grade:

Dr. Seuss.  Horton Hears a Who!

Dr. Seuss.  Horton Hatches the Egg

Pilkey, Dave The Paper Boy

CITIZENSHIP - November 2017

Our country’s current climate is one where our students are absorbing information about justice and citizenship on a daily basis. At this important time we must have an essential role in creating classrooms where students learn to become respectful citizens who listen to differing opinions and take care of their communities and each other. Being a good citizen should start with students caring about their school and the people in their school and local community. Now more than ever, values matter and now more than ever educators need to be aware of the importance of teaching citizenship. 

We implemented a food drive and a toy drive that began the start of helping those in our school and in our community with a nice meal for Thanksgiving and toys for the holidays. We also brought back our Got Sneaker drive where students donated their unused or old pair of sneakers for the month of November. This program helps our environment by eliminating waste in landfills and gives children all over the world an opportunity to own their first pair of sneakers to go to school in impoverished regions. 

FAIRNESS - December 2017

Our monthly value is defined as treating people impartially not playing favorites, being open-minded, and maintaining an objective attitude towards those whose actions and ideas are different from our own.


December is also the time of year when we have good will toward each other. Choose to do something nice for someone. Whether the action is big or small, doing something nice for someone brings joy to both the giver and the receiver. Perhaps you might consider hosting a multicultural day where food, art, books and games from around the world are introduced to the entire student body. Students from different cultural groups will get an opportunity to share their culture, and to enjoy the unique cultures of others in the school community. This activity is a great way to teach tolerance and create safe spaces for our students to grow and learn. However you choose to make values matter in your school, celebrate the season by making fairness a priority.


This month we are challenging schools to think about creating an environment where excellence thrives. A “never give up” attitude can be instrumental in one’s drive for success. It is important for students to understand the power they have over their own success. All of us were born with strengths and talents. It is important to help our students find their strengths and help them pursue them to the best of their ability. Even when there are roadblocks along the way, we must encourage students to ask for help and learn from their mistakes. The January focus on the Pursuit of Excellence is a great time to teach students about a growth mindset. It is important to understand that one’s thoughts and beliefs greatly impact their ability to achieve. Students who engage in negative self-talk will have a hard time pursuing excellence. Now more than ever, the pursuit of excellence matters.

KINDNESS - February 2018

Our monthly value is defined Being sympathetic, helpful, compassionate, benevolent, agreeable and gentle toward people and other living things.


Children do not learn kindness just by thinking about it or talking about it. You cannot just expect kindness in schools, you must teach it! Experts believe that kindness is best learned by experiencing it. When students are taught kindness and schools promote kind and compassionate actions, positive behavior is fostered and bullying is reduced. Research has proven that there are many mental and physical benefits of being kind. Performing kind actions can trigger the release of hormones which may increase a person’s level of happiness and decrease stress levels.


Values matter now more than ever and educators should be a guiding light towards kindness in this often dark world. We must teach our students kindness and show them the importance of choosing kindness by modeling kindness. This month we challenge you to find unique ways to promote kindness. Miami-Dade County Public Schools will be participating in the national Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) week, February 11-17, 2018. This week long celebration of kindness is a way to spark kindness. Start the spark and watch it spread across our school. 

COOPERATION - March 2018


Cooperation is an important twenty first century social skill that students will need to be successful later in life as they enter the world of work. When we teach students collaboration through cooperation we are teaching them to value the contributions of everyone. When students learn to work well with others who may be different than themselves they also learn to appreciate and celebrate diversity. This is vitally important in our richly diverse South Florida community.


Students who are taught cooperative skills are also better able to solve conflicts and have greater success as members of teams. When you promote cooperation you are also reinforcing other values like fairness, honesty, respect, kindness, and responsibility. Remember cooperation is the key to social interaction, inclusive practices, and successful teams.


When we teach children the value of honesty, we are helping to develop their moral and emotional strength. Early on, students are taught that “honesty is the best policy.” Most students are taught about “Honest Abe” or they are familiar with Pinocchio, but it is often a challenge to get children to put honesty into practice on a daily basis. Although most children have been told to tell the truth, many children have never been taught the importance of being trustworthy or the negative effects of being a dishonest person.

Many students’ dishonest behavior is a product of fear or shame. Adults should always refrain from shaming students when they make mistakes so they will not feel compelled to lie about transgressions. When we make a choice to be honest or dishonest, we are regulating our moral compass and thus affecting the kind of person we become. Honesty is an important value and practicing honesty is a choice that matters. As you continue to make values matter at your school, be sure to teach students about why honesty is essential for self-respect and productive relationships.

Sandy Hook at WLE Promise
Sandy Hook Promise
Sandy Hook at WLE Promise


In the wake of Hurricane Irma, please allow us to share some helpful information on how to help your child through this experience. Below is some helpful information: 

Responsibility Winners



Our students were chosen in the month of October for being most responsible. There are so many students to honor, and these are the top of each class. 

Mr. Puett was also awarded for this honor.


Congratulations to all. 



Our students were chosen in the month of December for being fair. 

Mrs. Alvarez was also awarded for this honor.

Congratulations to all. 

Pursuit of Excellence Honorees

WLE Celebrates our 25th year of Peace Day

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2017-2018 Values Matter Award Ceremony - WLE Winner